Best wheat harvest ever near Staunton

Chris Padfield is combining today (8 August) at The Hawthorns, Staunton, Gloucestershire, and is now halfway through his wheat harvest.

“It’s going very well – we aren’t meant to get rain until tomorrow night,” he said. “Last week we were cutting wheat at 13-13.5% moisture, which is too dry really, but this week after the showers it’s been 16-16.5%.”

Yields had been very good, with Dickens out-yielding the Diego, and both weighing in specific weights in the low 80s kg/hl.

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Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Varieties: Dickens and Diego
  • Yield: 11.1t/ha

“I think it’s going to be our best ever wheat,” said Mr Padfield. “We haven’t finished but my guess is that we’ll average 11.1t/ha over the weighbridge.

“But as the average is always affected by the final field, not the first field, it’s really too early to tell.”

Oilseed rape had also been good, with the PR46W21 coming off at 4.4t/ha.

“We didn’t have any winter barley – I cut some for a neighbour but didn’t put it over the weighbridge,” said Mr Padfield.

“People are combining all over the place, but to be honest our wheat is only just ripe – I’m just cutting it where the fields are going into oilseed rape this autumn.”


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