Brackling hits Carat winter barley

Richard Ward of, Barton-on-the-Heath, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos, was combining Carat winter barley today.

He began the Carat yesterday on the min-tilled land, which easiest to travel on.

Mr Ward expected to lose about 5-10% of lower ears, as the crop had ‘brackled over’, he said. “I expect yields to be better than it looks.”

He thought the sample, cut at 11% moisture, looked bold, slightly dull and expected yields of 7.5-8 t/ha.

Mr Ward attempted to harvest oilseed rape earlier, but despite having dual wheels and flotation tyres on the combine was unsuccessful. He had completed one of seven fields before he decided to move on. It had yielded 3.75t/ha (1.5t/acre) so far.

His second winter barley variety, Saffron, looked taller and had suffered less from brackling.

Mr Ward said he’d give the oilseed rape another go within 7-10 days time, when he hoped the ground would be drier. He thought the rape canopy was preventing quicker drying though.

“Progress is slow and we need some good dry weather to dry the ground out or God knows what we’ll do,” he ended.

  • Crop: Oilseed rape
  • Yield: 3.75%
  • Progress: 1 of 7 fields completed.

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