British Sugar reveals 2012/13 surplus beet price

Sugar beet growers will receive £25.00/t for surplus beet in 2012/13, British Sugar has announced.

The company has written to growers to update them on the current campaign and arrangements for the coming year.

The letter said that having analysed the current crop forecast and likely sugar stocks it was able to announce ‘an enhancement’ of the 2012/13 price for surplus beet.

British Sugar said it was also looking for extra tonnage for industrial use, with limited volumes of Industrial Contract Entitlement (ICE) tonnage still available for 2012 drillings.

Progress with the current campaign has been much better than in previous years.

According to latest figures, by 1 January 2012 88.1% of contracted beet had been delivered in to factories compared with 62.9% in 2010/11 and 75% in 2009/10.

The estimated campaign end dates are mid-February for Bury and towards the end of February for Cantley, Newark and Wissington.

British Sugar added that the intention was to start the 2012/13 crop campaign in mid-September at all sites.

“The only change to this would be if the usual August root samples suggested it was in growers and our interests to delay the start at some sites.”

The letter, dated 9 January, confirms a 2012/13 contract price of £27.53 plus late delivery and transport allowances.

William Martin, NFU sugar board chairman, said it was hugely positive that growers had been given the surplus beet price before they made their planting decisions. 

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