Bruchid beetle warning for bean growers

Bean growers are being warned that bruchid beetles are present in crops and if left untreated, could result in crop failing to secure valuable premiums.

The pest, whose larvae leave unsightly holes in beans, can ruin the potential of crops destined for human consumption, resulting in growers getting feed prices for their crop.

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“Most crops are approaching pod-set or have set first pods and the temperature is forecast to reach 20C at the end of the week in some regions,” comments Becky Ward, PGRO principal technical officer.

“Crops should be sprayed when maximum daily temperature has reached at least 20C for two consecutive days and when crops have set first pods (when 50% pods on the bottom trusses are 2cm long). 

For pea growers, she notes that there have been reports of a few pea moths in traps across the UK and some may have reached the threshold of 10 moths in either trap on two consecutive occasions.

“Catches of silver Y moth at the PGRO monitoring site in Leicestershire have been recorded, and a threshold of 50 moths (cumulative total) was caught by 5 June.

“If you reach a threshold in your area by the time crops have reached first pod stage, sprays should be applied 10 to 14 days later to control both small and large caterpillars in vining peas.” 

Growers can sign up for PGRO bruchid spray forecasts and pea moth spray date forecasts are also available from the PGRO website.


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