Campaign pushes spray benefits

A NEW CAMPAIGN to highlight the benefits of pesticides to European policy makers has just been launched by the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA).

The CommonGround campaign is strongly backed by the UK‘s CPA and focuses on the role crop protection products play in making food affordable, said ECPA president, Roger Doig.

“Crop protection products bring many economic, environmental and social benefits. They protect crops from dangerous pests and diseases, make food more affordable, and enhance biodiversity when used as part of integrated farming.

“They‘ve done so much to improve people‘s lives – yet most people are completely unaware of this. It‘s our job to tell them,” he said.

The launch of the Europe-wide campaign is particularly relevant given the ongoing harmonisation of regulations across the EU, added CPA chief executive, Peter Sanguinetti.

“Conventional farming can efficiently produce sufficient supplies of safe, quality food at reasonable prices. We must make sure consumers understand this and can make informed choices about their food.”

In order to reverse the growing trend of poor dietary habits, good quality food has to be affordable, which requires the use of crop protection products, campaign organisers said.

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