Cereal quality above average, says HGCA

Cereal quality is above the three-season average this year, according to provisional results from HGCA’s annual Cereals Quality Survey.

As of 17 September, wheat Hagberg Falling Numbers averaged 291 seconds across Great Britain, the highest since 2006 and 48 seconds above the three-year average.

Values were consistent across GB regions, ranging from 270 in the Midlands to 301 in the North.

Average wheat protein was 12.2%, 0.6% up on last season and 0.5% above the three-year average.

Specific weights tested at 77.3kg/hl, the highest since 2003 and 1.3kg/hl above average.

“High specific weight levels may go some way to compensate for lower reported yields in the UK this season,” said the report.

Moisture content was pegged at 15.6%, up 0.6% on last season and 0.4% above average.

In the barley crop, nitrogen contents averaged 1.67%, up from 1.61% last season and the previous three-season average of 1.63%.

Specific weights were 2.2kg/hl above average, at 67.6kg/hl.

Moisture contents, however, were lower, at 15.2% – down from 16.2% over the past three seasons.

The results were based on about 30,000 wheat samples and 12,000 barley samples.

“As provisional results, results are likely to be biased towards crops harvested earlier in eastern and southern regions.”

Michael Archer, AHDB’s senior cereals and oilseeds analyst, said the good quality crop came at a time when European quality had been compromised by the weather.

“This is making the UK crop more competitive on the world market both on price and quality, the two main drivers for world wheat trade. 

“Currently UK values are very competitive against European counterparts and confirmation of good quality could help strong exports.”

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