Cereals 2009: HGCA launches precision farming cost benefit calculator

HGCA has launched a new online tool to help farmers discover if precision farming will improve the efficiency of their business.

The cost benefit tool, produced in association with TAG, is the latest development in the Be PRECISE campaign, which aims to give farmers accurate and impartial information on precision farming.

“Research has shown us that there is a great deal of confusion surrounding the term precision farming and this is due partly to the wealth of different systems and processes available on the market,” said project facilitator Ian Beecher Jones.

The tool, which will appear on the website in the next couple of weeks, will ask farmers for specific information relating to their business, including farm size, field sizes, variations in soil type and yields, in addition to target prices and input costs. It will then suggest any areas that would benefit economically from precision farming technology.

“Precision farming is becoming more accessible and is beginning to offer real benefits to farms of all sizes. If your farm has substantial variation in soil type and yield there is a good chance your productivity and profitability can be increased by implementing some precision farming technology,” said Kellie Payne, research communications executive for HGCA.

HGCA is holding a series of farm visits in June and July, and more workshops will be hosted in November and December. There are also a series of farmer case studies listed on the HGCA website detailing real life applications of precision farming technology.

For more information on Be PRECISE and for access to the cost benefit tool see www.hgca.com/beprecise

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