Cereals 2014: Expert advice at technical seminars

Cereals 2014 is again hosting a series of technical seminars following their successful launch last year.

This year’s sessions examine some of the “bigger picture” issues that are already impacting arable farmers, or soon will do.

Panels of experts from farming and the allied sectors will debate with the audience the likely effects and opportunities and/or threats.

These free sessions will run in the Arable Conference marquee on both days of the event.

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Social media is to be discussed at 10am on Wednesday. Twitter in particular has mushroomed and Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are taking off. But can they help farmers?

Two years ago Rothamsted and BBSRC launched their 20:20 wheat programme, to help raise wheat yields by 20t/ha in 20 years. Wednesday afternoon’s session considers whether climate change will help or hinder the process.

The 10am session on Thursday asks whether technology can drive the “sustainable intensification” of farming. Could genetic and agronomic improvements, with precision farming, help use much less water, energy and land?

The final session at 1pm on Thursday examines the increasing threat to arable farmer’s agrochemical armoury. Regulation of pesticides is tightening, but there is little new chemistry in the pipeline and resistance is increasing. How will farmers cope?


Wednesday 11 June (10am session)

Social Media – a golden opportunity?

Chairman: Mike Thomas, NFU media adviser

Speakers: Simon Hayley @Agrichatuk; Andrew Ward, Forage Aid founder and @wheat_daddy; Jake Freestone @No1FarmerJake; Christopher Day, co-founder #clubhectare and @themanorhousebb

Wednesday 11 June (1pm session)

20:20 Wheat – a reality or a pipe dream?

Chairman: Peter Kendall, AHDB chairman and World Farmers’ Organisation president

Speakers: Malcolm Hawkesford, acting head of plant biology and crop science department, Rothamsted; Roger Sylvester-Bradley, head of crop performance, ADAS UK; Other speakers to be confirmed

Thursday 12 June (10am session)

Global Innovation for 21st century agriculture

Chair: Belinda Clarke, director of Norwich-Cambridge Agritech Cluster

Speakers to be confirmed

Thursday 12 June (1pm session)

Pesticide approval – where will it lead us?

Chairman and speakers to be confirmed



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