Cereals 2014: Top farm spraying tips on offer

Comfort, ease, efficiency and accuracy: those are just some of the watchwords for the innovations at Sprays and Sprayers,writes Ben Magri, application specialist for Syngenta

A big innovation is record keeping. Instead of relying on hand-written spray recommendations on a sheet, they can now arrive in email form and go straight into the sprayer’s computer.

The operator simply “tells” the computer when spraying starts and stops. Then, when logging out at the end of the day, all that information can be downloaded automatically on to the farm’s record-keeping software.

Ben MagriBen Magri
Application specialist for Syngenta

Also for operator ease – as well as comfort – watch for better quality sprayer cabs. As well as being larger, they are now also more like those fitted to combine harvesters, with large windscreens, and offer a pleasant working environment.

Another development is the type of rinsing system on sprayers. Nowadays it is possible to get two separate rinsing systems fitted on the same machine – a higher energy one for larger containers and a separate, smaller one designed so it doesn’t flood out smaller packs.

Additionally, variable rate application is taking off. So look out for sprayer features which facilitate this.

As an example, technology is now available whereby operators can switch from one nozzle to another – in order to change spray dose without upsetting quality – while on the move.

So whether you’re coming to Sprays and Sprayers ready to buy a new sprayer, or simply to check out technology for the future, there should be something for everyone.

 Arena programme    
 Wed 11th  Thurs 12th  
9am  9am Self-propelled sprayer 3,100 litres and above
10.20am 10.20am Trailed sprayers
11.20am 11.20am Mounted sprayers
12.15pm 12.15pm Wed: Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year/Thurs: 15 minute break
1.15pm 1.05pm Self-propelled sprayers 3,100 litres and above
2.35pm 2.25pm Trailed sprayers
3.35pm 3.25pm Mounted sprayers
4.15pm 4pm Skid units, air assisted, twin fluid, and self propelled sprayers, 3,000 litres and below


  • Alanco Agricultural A-106-1
  • Agrifac B-216-2
  • Amazone A-102-1
  • Bargam UK (Cleveland Crop Sprayers) A-110-1
  • Bateman Engineering A-118-1
  • Berthoud Sprayers A-140-1
  • Billericay Farm Services A-134-1
  • Chafer Machinery A-132-1
  • Enduramaxx Water Tanks A-146-1
  • FarmGEM A-104-1
  • GM-R/Mitchell-Rowlands B-218-2
  • Hardi A-124-1
  • Horstine A-132-1
  • Househam Sprayers A-138-1
  • Hypro EU B-204-2
  • John Deere B-214-2
  • Kelland’s Agricultural A-120-1
  • Knight Farm Mach A-114-1
  • KRM B-236-2
  • Kuhn J-1063-10
  • Landquip A-128-1
  • Lechler Altek A-136-1
  • Lemken H-821-8
  • Lite-Trac A-100-1
  • Martin Lishman B-228-2
  • Micron Group B-226-2
  • National Sprayer Testing Scheme B-202-2
  • Novanna A-150-1
  • NRoSO B-202-2
  • Polmac SRL A-108-1
  • S&K Sprayer Services I-934-9
  • Sands Agricultural Machinery A-126-1
  • South Cave Tractors A-116-1
  • Spreader & Sprayer Testing D-521-5
  • Team Sprayers A-130-1
  • Tecnoma A-144-1
  • TeeJet Technologies B-208-2
  • Vicon A-112-1

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