Certified seed proposals could save £100,000

Proposed changes to the way certified seed is produced could save more than £100,000 and should be supported by the industry, the Agricultural Industries Confederation has said.

German authorities have proposed that the final generation of certified seed could be exempt from official control and instead produced under licence, to the same certification standards.

It is proposed that control and monitoring would be done via ‘non-official’ routes and companies would need to detail how they would achieve this.

DEFRA is currently consulting on the proposals, which came forward as part of the ‘Better Regulation’ initiative, which the UK commenced during its EU Presidency in 2005.

Calling on the industry to support the proposals, chairman of the AIC’s seed sector, James Wallace, said:

“What we now need is for the industry to provide feedback on the proposal. We believe it is important to support this initiative which, we estimate, could lead to savings of more than £100,000 a year – which will be good news for the whole sector.”

For more information on the proposals, see http://www.defra.gov.uk/planth/pvs/default.htm