CFE: Questions about Campaign for the Farmed Environment?

Are you confused about the aims and detail of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment?

Farm leaders are warning the campaign is the only way to retain the benefits of set-aside without extra costs being piled on to farmers.

Yet it appears that a number of producers remain unconvinced about the campaign’s merits.

46% of the 400 people who responded to an FWi poll said they were reluctant to implement voluntary environmental measures on their farms.

Farmers are also raising challenging questions on the forums.

They are asking why the industry has to go down this route, what is happening in other countries and what exactly are producers being asked to do?

Experts from the NFU and CLA are contributing to a couple of threads on the issue and answering common queries.

Why not take the opportunity to raise your concerns or questions by posting on the forums?

Read what has been posted already and post your own questions here:

Campaign for the Farmed Environment – thread 1

Campaign for the Farmed Environment – thread 2

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