Colossus yields for Yorkshire farm

Six-row winter barley hybrid variety Colossus had broken the 10t/ha barrier on fertile soil, East Yorkshire farm manager Philip Backhouse told FWi’s Harvest Highlights.

“On good land with plenty of fertility it has done very well – averaging 4.28t/acre (10.7t/ha).”

The farm grew around 24ha (50 acres) of the variety this season but the temptation was to grow more next season. “Or one of the new hybrids.”

Another 164ha (410 acres) of Sequel six-row feed barley had also been combined. “It has averaged around 3.3t/acre (8.25t/ha) across the board.”

But yields had been variable, he noted. “On more moderate land some yields have been below 3t/acre (7.5t/ha).”

A fire had also wiped out around 8-9ha of standing crop. “We haven’t clue how it started, but it is was tinder dry. Up until Friday night we had had just an half inch of rain in the last seven weeks.”

Six fire engines had put out the blaze. “Luckily it was surrounded by root crops so it didn’t spread too far.”

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Colossus
Area: 24ha
Yield: 10.7t/ha

Crop: Winter barley
Variety: Sequel
Area: 164ha
Yield: 8.25t/ha

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