Combiner OSR tops Agrii trials

The new DSV hybrid oilseed rape variety Combiner has achieved a gross output over 5% more than its closest rival in Agrii trials at Pleshey, Essex.

Producing the highest yield in the trials and an oil content of 48.4% gave Combiner a gross output of 114.4% compared to the 100% mean. Vision came in at 108.9% with DK Cabernet in third spot at 106.4%.

It was the only variety to have an oil content greater than 47% in the latest HGCA 2014 harvest results, and was one of the few to appear in both East/West and Northern Candidate Trials.

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“Gross output is still the number one attribute to select for, provided it is balanced with a sound all-round agronomic package,” said DSV’s Michael Farr.

 “At a base price of £235/t, Combiner’s overall output advantage would be worth £52/ha over its nearest competitor and £84/ha over the average according to the Agrii results.”

Combiner also had very good resistance to key diseases, and was the best performer of all DSV varieties with regard to verticillium wilt, added Mr Farr.

“In addition, the same early vigour as the current HGCA recommended list topper Incentive gives Combiner exceptional autumn establishment to ward off pest and disease attack while early maturity gives easier harvest management.”