Compost potential for Yorks growers

Greater amounts of composted green waste could be spread on Yorkshire and Humberside’s agricultural land, according to new research conducted by ADAS.

The findings suggest that less than one third (281,000ha) of the 900,000ha of available agricultural land, or ‘landbank’, is required to spread the region’s current amount of green waste.

But while this leaves a considerable area of land that could potentially receive more compost, not all land is suitable for spreading and further research is planned to identify what proportion is available.

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Hartley from Recycling Action Yorkshire (RAY) said increased composting reduces landfill, helps reduce methane and CO2 emissions and allows growers to improve soil structure, organic matter and reduce the use of chemical fertilisers.

“Every tonne of green waste diverted from landfill into composting reduces CO2 emissions by 0.7 tonnes.

“Yorkshire and Humber landfills the vast majority of its waste. This rots in landfill and creates methane, a gas which has 21 times more effect on climate change than carbon dioxide.”

RAY is a not for profit business that can provide funding to design, setup or expand composting facilities – see Other local and national support programmes are also available, see the Waste and Resources Action Programme for more information.

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