Consider alternatives for delayed pre-em flufenacet

Cereal growers who have missed planned pre-emergence Liberator (flufenacet) applications due to wet weather should consider using it in alternative tank mix options, Bayer CropScience has advised.

The best strategy for the product, particularly in difficult blackgrass situations, is to use it pre-emergence, but where pre-em timing has been missed, it can partner Atlantis (mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium) + biopower at the autumn 2-3 leaf stage, said the firm’s Ben Giles.

“This mix gives you the long residual activity of flufenacet in Liberator, but you do need Atlantis to ensure adequate control of high numbers of black-grass.

“If this is an appropriate option then Liberator must be applied at the full rate of 0.6 litres/ ha, but not after 31 December,” he said.

Where a pre-emergence herbicide has been applied, Bayer suggests suitable tank mix options with Atlantis are trifluralin or pendimethalin, both of which should be applied at a minimum active ingredient rate of 960g/ ha.

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