Fluoxastrobin makes UK debut for sclerotinia control in OSR

A fungicide containing fluoxastrobin is available for the first time in the UK for the control of sclerotinia in winter oilseed rape.

Severe outbreaks of sclerotinia stem rot can lead to yield losses of up to 50% in OSR crops if left untreated.

Fungicides applied during flowering have a key role in managing the disease and this season, UK growers can benefit from the strobilurin fluoxastrobin, which is available in Evito from Arysta LifeScience. It is partnered with tebuconazole.

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The company’s product development and technical manager for the UK and Ireland, Don Pendergrast, said: “Evito combines a ‘next-generation’ strobilurin with one of the best azoles available, to rapidly stop sclerotinia and provide long-term protection.

“Fluoxastrobin, which was previously unavailable for application on oilseed rape, penetrates rapidly into the leaf enhancing the speed of activity.”

He pointed to trials showing that its rapid uptake means it is rainfast within 15 minutes of application. It also has a strong greening effect on the plant.

“Pairing this with highly effective fungicide tebuconazole offers growers the added benefit of improved resistance management.”

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