Spud Watch: Blight scarce but watch out for aphids

Generally, weather conditions down the east coast have been dull and damp, with very little sunshine throughout June so far. If I were a gambling man I might take a punt on yields being lower than average this year.


John Sarup, Spud Agronomy

It has been warm enough though to trigger a few late blight Smith periods, although I have yet to find any blight here. As a precaution, however, I am including cymoxanil in the mix.

The West has fared a little better, with good growing conditions, albeit dry until a couple of weeks ago.

There is adequate moisture now to see most of the early chipping crops home.

Some blight has been found in early fleeced crops, however, I have yet to see it in open crops.

Quality, so far, looks pretty good too, with very little common scab or blackleg evident.

The slow speed at which canopies have developed has caused issues with weed control, with a number of crops requiring post-emergence herbicide applications.

Black bindweed and fumitory seem to be the main problems.

Watch out for aphids, I am catching vast numbers of Myzus persicae and others in yellow water traps and as a result, all seed crops are having “anti-resistant” aphicides included in all spray applications.

It is worth bearing in mind that most, if not all aphids show resistance to both pirimicarb and pyrethroids.