Crops, conditions and combines – at a glance

Harvest is continuing apace between the rain showers, but Farmers Weekly readers have still been finding time to share their photos with other readers via our Harvest Highlights gallery.

It now has well over 700 pictures, providing an at-a-glance snapshop of crops, conditions and combines around the country. Here is a sample:

Taken on 3 August 2011, the picture, left, shows a Case 2388 from New Hall Farm, Wareside, harvesting wheat near Fanhams Hall in Hertfordshire.

collingsThe Case IH 7120 is Collings Brothers of Abbotsley’s demonstrator in a good crop of wheat, says Tony Fincham, sales director of the firm based at St Neots in Cambridgeshire.





sheffieldBaling on 10 August in Vines Cross, East Sussex, after a crop of Solstice wheat was taken at 4t/acre and 15-16% moisture. Jack Sheffield was on hand to capture the scene.








forthright jamesAn old International 955XL pulling one of the carts alongside the New Holland TX36 working between Bolnhurst & Keysoe on the B660 in Bedfordshire. It was taken on 10 August by FWi user ForthrightJames.







frognorton“The harvest in south Cambridgeshire is nearly in and autumn really is on her way,” says gallery user Frognorton who uploaded this picture.






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