Crops Digital to tackle solar farming

The fourth edition of Crops Digital will focus on how you can harvest the sun with photovoltaic solar panels plus what you need to know before investing in an array

Harnessing the power of the sun has been a hot topic for farmers ever since the launch of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff last year.

Through the scheme, growers can establish an additional revenue stream for their farming business and utilise their plentiful roof space, such as grain stores. And with a guaranteed price paid for all electricity generated for 25 years, it has offered attractive returns.

But while solar PV is a simple technology, there are some important things to get right if you are to create the conditions for a profitable enterprise.

So before you go out and invest in a solar array, take a look at the interactive pages in this month’s Crops Digital Edition, sponsored by Farmplan.

Users can click on various points of a typical solar installation – to bring up on-video advice from NFU chief renewables adviser Jonathan Scurlock and hear from one of the first solar farmers in the UK.

Then there is the essential information of how they work, why you need an inverter and its cost, what is the ideal roof pitch, how to assess whether your roof can take the extra weight and how to keep panels clean to maximise output.

There has never been more information at your fingertips to ensure you have all the answers to your questions before embarking on a solar PV project. Sign up now to ensure you receive the fourth edition.

Eight digital editions of Crops will be brought out this year. They will complement the printed magazine with media-rich content and essential information laid out in a fast and easy-to-use format.

Each digital edition will contain unique interactive pages of exclusive content. These interactive sections will focus on a key topic, building on Crops’ regular features and giving readers new information and a new experience.

So if you haven’t signed up or received your copy, go to and register now to get your copy sent directly to your email inbox.

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