Delighted with yields at Cadmore End

Charlie Edgley is about halfway through harvest at Kensham Farm, Cadmore End, Berkshire, and is delighted with yields so far.

“We’ve cut about 162ha of Cordiale continuous wheat, which yielded 8.6t/ha with a bushel weight in the low 80s kg/hl,” he said. “Most of that has come in dry, just needing about 1% moisture taking out of it.”

Gallant first wheat had topped 10t/ha, while doing 8.5-9t/ha as a continuous wheat. “We’re very pleased with that – and the bushel weight is good, too,” added Mr Edgley.

Following recent rain, he cut a bit of Soissons, which came off at 18-19% moisture, and yielded 8.6t/ha as a continuous wheat. “One sample tested at 85kg/hl, which is exceptional for Soissons.”

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However, he had since moved into Propino spring barley as it had dried out more quickly. “Grown on poor land as continuous barley it was a bit disappointing, at 5.4t/ha – but the bushel weight was good, in the high 60s kg/hl.”

With the combine running in spring barley today (7 August), Mr Edgley expected to move back into Soissons by this evening.

“There’s some rain forecast this weekend so we’ve been pushing on, and combining until after midnight every day,” he said. “If it does rain, it will be a rather welcome break.”

Mr Edgley was particularly looking forward to cutting Crusoe winter wheat, which wasn’t yet fit. “We cut one headland at 19% moisture and it was absolutely fantastic,” he said.

“It was continuous wheat and yielded 9.5t/ha, which is well above what we’d normally expect – we’re usually pleased if we get 8t/ha.”

Cassia winter barley had also been good, producing 8t/ha with a bushel weight of 73kg/hl.