Delighted with yields near Newbury

Nigel Horne is well underway with harvest at Catmore Farm, Newbury, Berkshire, and is delighted with yields so far.

The 80ha of Propino spring barley reached above average yields with good straw quality, although moisture contents were high with everything put through the dryer. 

“We grow the spring barley on a seed contract and are still awaiting germination results,” Mr Horne said.

“Unfortunately nothing was fit in July, so we suffered by catching the wet break in weather over August.”

Although Solstice winter wheat again yielded well, protein was less than hoped, and fell below the Grade One target.

“We still have 50% of this year’s winter wheat to cut, split between Dickens and Duxford,” he said.

“Based on the yields so far we’re quite optimistic, although two fields were quite late drilled.”

Alongside cutting the last of the winter wheat, Mr Horne still had spring beans to harvest as well as putting in next year’s oilseed rape.

“All in all it’s been a good year with very pleasing yields. We’re just hoping for some good weather over the coming weeks so that we can get the last of crops off and get next year’s in.” 

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