Despairing of the weather in Myroe

Richard Kane is despairing of the wet weather at Broglasgow House, Myroe, Londonderry, which is delaying harvest and destroying crop quality.

“It’s really bad here – it makes me wonder why we bother,” he said. “It’s just the usual struggle.”

So far Mr Kane had cut all his winter barley and oilseed rape, but only 10% of the winter wheat. “Yields have been good – the Glacier and Tower barley did 9.4t/ha and Expower oilseed rape averaged 4.3t/ha.”

However, the first wheat harvested had come off at 24% moisture, so it was impossible to tell what its dry yield would be, he said.

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“We’ve got Grafton, Diego and Leeds, which looks very good and is still standing well.

“Hopefully yields will be alright, but there’s definitely a bit of sprouting starting in the wheat.”

Despite a dry forecast, Mr Kane had recorded 8mm of rain last night, followed by another 10mm this morning (19 August). “Our gas bills for the drier are going to be scary.”

Although the wheat was now ripe, Propino and Sanette spring barley was still about two weeks away, he added.

“About 70% of it went flat in the storms 10 days ago – I don’t even want to look at it and it’s going to be horrible to cut.”

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