Disappointing harvest near Worcester

Andrew Goodman has had a reasonable harvest at Walgrove Farm, Worcester, although he has had a frustrating time with the wet weather recently.

“The weather has made for a difficult harvest, with the combine stop-start throughout the past few weeks,” he said. “Over the course of 10 days, we were at a complete standstill.”

Crop facts

  • Crop: Winter wheat
  • Variety: Cocoon
  • Area: 57ha
  • Yield: 8t/ha

Yields had been unexciting as well, with Cocoon winter wheat yielding 8t/ha. “It’s pretty average and the straw quality wasn’t great,” Mr Goodman said.

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Yields for the 60ha of Gerald winter oats were slightly more pleasing at 7.4t/ha, which was just above average for the farm. But straw quality was also not great.

“It was cut when it was still quite green and then we had heavy rain to contend with, which meant it wasn’t baled for another two weeks.”

The 10ha of Quench spring barley was slightly disappointing, falling below the farm average at 6.8t/ha.

Mr Goodman now had 24ha of spring beans left to cut. “We’re hoping to get the combine through the beans next week – weather dependant,” he said.

“There’s no concern yet as we’re fairly on track, but we’re certainly no earlier than we have been in previous years.”

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