Dow hopes grassweed killer will be a star

A new wild oat, ryegrass and brome grassweed killer has been launched by Dow AgroSciences after being given approval by the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

Broadway Star should set a new standard for brome control, but will need to be timed carefully for best results, according to Dow AgroSciences.

Broadway Star, containing pyroxsulam and florasulam, can be used on winter wheat and should simplify weed control, according to James Knight, product manager for Dow.

Wild oat control is equivalent to Atlantis, Topik and Axial, while ryegrass control is similar to Axial, and better than Atlantis and Hussar, he says. Both can be controlled through autumn and spring applications, depending on need.

Applications to take out sterile and great brome, however, are only recommended in the autumn after trials indicated that control levels in the spring slipped from the 90% achieved in the autumn. “It is still better than its rivals in the spring, but we want to encourage growers to get the best from the product, and will only recommend its use in the autumn for sterile and great brome control.”

There is, however, a recommendation for soft, meadow or rye bromes in the spring, which tend to germinate later than the other two brome species.

The product also controls a wide-range of broadleaved weeds including cleavers, chickweed, mayweeds, pansy and speedwells, Mr Knight says. “Used in the spring it will provide many wheat growers a one-spray solution to cleaning up grass and broad-leaved weeds.

Broadway Star, like Atlantis, is an ALS inhibitor, although Mr Knight stresses it is not a sulfonylurea, and therefore needs weeds to be actively growing to achieve best control. It also means it cannot be used in sequence with the widely-used blackgrass killer.

But a wide range of crops can be grown following its use, including peas, beans and potatoes with no cultivation requirements following its use. “Compared with the sulfonylureas that is a distinct advantage.”

However, it must be used as part of a programme for grassweed control that includes the use of an appropriate pre- or peri-emergence product, and, where appropriate, an additional residual partner and/or a follow up spray with an alternative mode of action.

“That’s primarily aimed at resistance management,” Mr Knight says.

An adjuvant is also required for effective control with a range of at least eight different ones on a preferred list, including Activator 90 and Torpedo II. Adjuvants that increase spray droplet size, such as methylated rapeseed oils, such be avoided however. “It is not something you want when spraying grassweeds,” Mr Knight points out.

Broadway Star will be sold in 4ha (1.06 kg) packs for a use rate of 265g/ha.

Broadway Star

Active ingredients 

  • Pyroxsulam + florasulam
  • Use rate 265g/ha
  • Apply GS 11-32 of crop
  • Controls wild oats, ryegrass and bromes
  • Plus wide range of broadleaved weeds

  • Broadway Star pyroxsulam + florasulam
  • Atlantis mesosulfuron-methyl + iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium
  • Axial pinoxaden
  • Hussar iodosulfuron-methyl
  • Topik clodinafop-propargyl


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