EA guidelines explain new waste regulations

New guidance has been issued by the Environment Agency to help farmers prepare for new waste management regulations that take effect early next year.

The change in the law will prevent farmers from burying or burning most of their waste, except for vegetation and untreated wood.

Instead, they will normally have to take it to a recovery or disposal site, or get a contractor to collect it. Any exemptions will require a licence, though farmers may store their waste for up to a year.

To encourage farmers to act now, the EA has published new guidance on its website, www.environment-agency.gov.uk.

It has also set up a helpline on 0845 603 3113, while an on-line directory of recycling sites is available at www.wasterecycling.org.uk giving farmers details of their nearest facility.

The NFU says the new guidance will be a great help in getting farmers to prepare for the new regulations.

“Many have commented that they just don’t know where to start looking for a safe and reliable facility for their waste disposal,” said a spokesman.