Enter Farmers Weekly’s Arable Farmer of the Year Award

Winning Farmers Weekly’s Arable Farmer of the Year Award 2014 can do wonders for your farming enterprise. We talked to last year’s winner about how the award helped his business.

Jeremy Oatey’s credibility with his customers rose and his ability to strike deals with suppliers heightened after winning the Farmers Weekly Arable Farmer of the Year award.

He manages 1,100ha of arable land near Plymouth and is a major supplier of onions, swedes, potatoes and milling wheat to a local Cornish pasty maker, and his business relationships changed after walking away with the prize in 2013.

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“It certainly helps with getting more clout with our customers as they like the fact that one of their suppliers had won an award. It has helped with the gravitas and credibility of our business,” he says.

Mr Oatey says it is also easier to clinch deals with general suppliers and has seen a big uptick in demand for farm visits as his reputation has spread far and wide.

Other growers could mirror the fruits of his success by entering our Arable Farmer of the Year award. Either enter yourself or someone you know today by simply going to awards.fwi.co.uk.

Three arable finalists will be invited to attend the famous Farmers Weekly awards ceremony in early October at the Grosvenor Hotel on London’s Park Lane for the biggest celebration in the farming calendar.

For Mr Oatey, it has certainly raised his profile, makes a good talking point with those in the industry and drawing in many people who want to meet and do business with him.

“A lot of general suppliers have been encouraged to come and talk to us and it has helped a bit to clinch a deal with them,” he says.

“The award has also seen the demand for farm walks go up. We have had groups from Shropshire and Norfolk which we would not have seen before,” Mr Oatey adds.

Deadline for entries is Wednesday 30 April at 12pm midnight – enter for Arable Farmer of the Year 2014 now.