Europe halts GM maize proposals

 EUROPEAN MEMBER states have yet again rejected a proposal by the European Commission to import a variety of GM maize.

The Monsanto-produced maize failed to get the required qualified majority from representatives of the member states in an indicative vote on Monday (Sept 20).

Results of a feeding study of this GM maize on rats have caused some concern among scientists.

Monday‘s vote in the EU regulatory committee was the eighth failed attempt by the Commission to win support for a GM product among member states.

The Commission must now decide whether to send the application to a vote by Ministers.

If there is no agreement from Ministers, the Commission will make a decision itself.

Adrian Bebb, GM campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said: “The European Commission seems determined to force genetically modified foods down consumers‘ throats even when there are serious questions marks about their long-term safety.

“Their actions are undemocratic. People in Europe have made it consistently clear that they do not want to eat genetically modified foods.

“It‘s time the Commission listened and took action to keep Europe GM-free,” Mr Bebb said.

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