Fall from tractor for Philip Bradshaw

June brought the usual summer rush of trying to fit numerous events around the farm workload.

Our joint Open Farm Sunday event at nearby Thorney attracted over 800 visitors. The huge increase in numbers from last year caused some challenges, but the combined efforts of everyone involved made the day a huge success and I look forward to next year’s event.

A few days later we hosted a KWS sugar beet varieties open day here at Whittlesey.

In general terms the day was superb – the brief presentations were top notch, the walk through the variety trials on a lovely summer’s evening was excellent, and it rounded off with a cracking barbeque from Moor Farm Meats.

Sadly, I missed all this fun. Earlier that day, in the last minute rush of preparations, I somehow fell from my tractor steps when climbing from the cab while parked. Some moments later I came to lying on the tarmac with a painful head wound.

My neighbour kindly took me to casualty and I emerged several hours later with numerous stitches and a significant headache that was to last a week.

Needless to say I have adopted a less cavalier style of tractor dismount since, and I am grateful to those who helped out on the day, and enquired of my well-being in the following week.

Unfortunately my couple of days spent suffering daytime television while resting on doctor’s orders shot my schedule to pieces, and caused me to miss several meetings and Cereals 2008.

My earlier decision to leave out the spring wild oat spray on a couple of fenland wheat fields is looking a little questionable.

We usually hand rogue a few of the cleaner fields here at Whittlesey, but one of them is going to take a day or two.

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