East: False sense of Security

Oh yes some lovely sunshine and some rain and even some wonderful daytime temperatures, but, where oh where are the nightime temperatures. This lack of warmth at night and frosts are not helping to hasten crop growth as we would like.

That having been said things have improved over here in that the earlier drilled crops are now approaching GS 31 and if anything winter barley has responded quicker than the wheats. T0’s in these earlier wheat crops have gone in with the Atlantis applications  but T0s in later crops look as if they will be missed particularly if the night temperatures do rise.

Respose to Atlantis applications have been a lot quicker than expected and the blackgrass is showing a lot of distress (not unlike myself). Where another herbicide was added to it because of large aggressive weeds, these too are being well controlled.

Disease levels are still quite low in cereals though ryhncho is now being found in some varieties but as the barley is now at GS 31 fungicide and PGR treatments now going on.

Septoria is easily found on old wheat leaves and the rain splash events we have had over the last seven days means latent activity will be happening and the crops that have had a T0 will be OK for another couple of weeks which should be spot on for a T1. THose who have not had or will not have a T0 will require careful monitoring.

Oilseed rape! One good thing so far is that all monitoring processes that are being used as well as the old fashion use of eyes, has shown no breaches of pollen beetle thresholds. They are present in crops, but over here very low numbers.

The few good rape crops I have are now flowering but like many I have fields at 4 inches high up to 24 inches high and still the pigeons carry on. Management of these crops is a real problem and gauging what they will yield, impossible.

I had a wonderful crop of sugar beet last Friday easily seen in the rows and today can’t see the rows. Skylarks and or pigeons have nipped off the leaves or taken plants out. Yes the nipped off ones will come back but with follow up decisions on weed sprays and the frosts mean a delay in treating, yet another headache.

In fact I am off to take some paracetamol!

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