Fandango set to return in time for T2 applications

Barley fungicide Fandango is set to return in time for T2 applications after final checks gave the 2010 batch the all clear.

Last spring, Bayer CropScience withdrew Fandango (prothioconazole + fluoxastrobin) and recalled unused product after reports of problems with crystallisation/sediment in that season’s supplies.

Since then, Bayer has fully investigated the problem and confirmed it is releasing the 2010 production volume, which will be available from 1 May.

Product manager Alison Daniels explains: “After the unexpected problems in 2009, we needed to be sure that the 2010 allocation meets the quality control standards that we and our customers expect.”

The company believes its return could prove valuable to meet the rising threat of rhynchosporium, which could be higher this season, particularly in the north. Andrew Riddle of Lothian’s First Agronomy suggests the snow has helped the disease this year. “I’m surprised at just how infected some varieties are. The snow has acted as an insulator and the frost hasn’t got to the disease. Pearl is particularly affected.”

This view is echoed by Bryan Chalmers of Allathan Associates, who is finding plenty of the disease. “It will be our number one priority again this season. I’m not finding much mildew or net blotch, and only the odd trace of brown rust. Here in the north east of Scotland it is always a threat and this year we’ve had the weather so it will need managing again this season,” he said.

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