Farmade launches smartphone app

A new smartphone app launched at Cereals 2011 allows growers to access their GateKeeper crop records while out in the field.

The first in a new line of Farmade apps gives users access to their data held on the Farmade secure servers, says Peter Henley, managing director of Farmade. They can control what data is available to Web Viewer by choosing which field groups to publish, what details to include and whether to include stock information.

Web Viewer will run on any smartphone with suitable browser. And Mr Henley reassures growers that the system is secure in that growers control who can see their data which can only be accessed by entering the appropriate credentials.

 “The app is easy to install and transfers data very efficiently so only requires a basic phone signal to perform acceptably. We wanted a simple to use, low cost app to give users access to their data on the move,” he says.

Later this year, the firm plans to introduce apps capable of capturing information in-field such as work completed and agronomist field inspection details to amend their records.

Web Viewer is available to users of the GateKeeper Grower and Agronomist systems on an annual rental basis of only £57 per annum.

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