Farmer Focus Arable: Richard Cobbald finds Cereals 2010 a great success

Just as had been predicted, the rain came at Cereals time again. But rather than this being a dreadful turn of events, it was welcome moisture for our very droughty looking crops, especially those on the light land end of the estate.

The rains have probably come a bit late for some of the wheats, but I still am quite hopeful of a good yield for the heavy land crops. We also ended up going quite early with our T3, as we have milling wheat and Duxford which are susceptible to orange blossom midge. But we hopefully should also have good fusarium cover from the early application.

It would be wrong of me not to mention Cereals 2010 even though I am sure it will get loads of coverage in these columns and in the rest of the magazine. But I will make no apology for any repetition. I thought it was excellent, and it really is the only essential event in the show calendar. I attended both days – and that was barely enough.

The main talking point appeared to be the park-and-ride service. Most people seemed ready to see the whole thing go wrong and have a mutiny on the buses. The result in my opinion was a resounding success, perhaps the organisers of the scheme should be propelled into local government to sort out the roads around Cambridge.

We recently entered the East of England Farm Business competition for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The dinner was excellent, the afternoon with the judges was very enjoyable rather than terrifying, and it gave us all a chance to step back and have a good look at how we are doing the job. Now you are probably expecting me to explain how we won it, but sadly that honour was bestowed elsewhere. Well done to all the winners.

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