FARMER FOCUS: Spreader upgrade proves wise

I think our luck is changing and spring must finally be here. The sudden increase in temperature has turned our backwards fields of late established wheat to a more healthy green colour and the oilseed rape has started its miraculous compensation trick and is racing skywards.

This time last year we were thinking about the first sclerotinia spray, this year it’s bound to be later, but I think we’ll be surprised at how fast it comes round if the weather stays warm.

I’ve bitten the bullet this month and upgraded my Avadex (tri-allate) boom spreader, being able to spread at 24m should now be more appealing to potential customers and also mean I have a spreader than can apply more than just Avadex. It’s already booked for some fertiliser and has been used to broadcast the spring oilseed rape on, which was then harrowed into a near perfect seed-bed – in true 1960s fashion – with a Ford 4000 and set of zig-zag harrows.

Being a young farmer, I feel I’ve got to comment on Matthew Naylor’s opinion piece that caused such an outcry a few weeks ago about not subsidising young farmers. Whether you agree or not, different opinions create debate, which in turn, will actually be more advantageous than constant praise.

I feel Matthew was right, we don’t need to be subsidised, we’ve just got to use our imagination – some will find ways to be successful, others won’t be so lucky and will work for them. For a successful future the farming industry needs both.

If you’re instantly put off by negative comments, maybe farming’s not for you.

Personally, I see it as challenge to show those who doubt young farmer’s abilities that they are wrong – to show them that we can listen and learn.

It also shows we can bring new energy, new ideas and a new sense of passion and help to drive the industry forwards.

Matt Redman operates an agricultural contracting business and helps out on the family farm at lower Gravehurst, Bedfordshire. The 210ha farm grows mainly wheat, oilseed rape and beans

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