Farmer Focus views on agronomy in 2005

THE FARMERS Weekly Farmer Focus writers had plenty to say about agronomy this year. Here are just a few of their comments.

“It is the latest I’ve ever planted potatoes.” Chris Harrold (May 27)

“There is little point spending too much money on a crop that will only be fetching derisory prices.” Matthew Dale (Jun 3)

“We’re considering running one [36m boom] sprayer rather than two old ones.” Lorenz von Schintling-Horny (Jul 15)

“More outrageous to some will be the “chicken” I played with septoria by only applying 1 litre/ha of chlorothalonil at T1.” Steve Bumstead (Jun 24)

“The scene [on the vining pea fields] resembles the Somme – no cheap wheat entry this time around.” Chris Harrold (Jul 15)

“Small bird numbers have reached epidemic proportions. It is no exaggeration to say they are a little like locusts.” Bill Davey (Aug 26)

“I don’t think I can ever remember such good growing conditions during September.” Mark Ireland (23 Sep)

“I am not convinced min-till is cheaper than ploughing.” Richard Ward (28 Oct)

“In my opinion they should reduce the C2 levy enough to make farm saving unviable.” Steve Bumstead (11 Nov)

“I know of some September-drilled wheats that will get dangerously near stem extension before Christmas.” Steve Bumstead (11 Nov)

“It took me over two hours of faffing around before I even put water and chemical into the tanks.” Matthew Dale (18 Nov)

See FWi tomorrow (28 December) to find out what our Farmer Focus writers had to say about the weather and harvest.


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