Farmer Focus: Proud to be the new contractor chairman

We have been lucky that in the past month we have been able to get on and finish drilling some winter wheat, although I’m not sure if we should call drilling Skyfall on 14 March pushing it, or a trial – time will tell.

It is now a very important period for agriculture, with numerous different political, social and environmental factors all trying to change the industry, for both better and worse.

I’m proud to have been elected as the new chairman of the National Association of Agricultural Contractors back in February.

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This, along with recently being elected vice-chairman for the NFU East Anglia Crops Board, means I’ve got an interesting and challenging couple of years ahead of me.

I will be helping to ensure that the voices of contractors and combinable crops growers are heard wherever they need to be, and importantly, that the solutions they can bring are taken advantage of.

Change within any industry is necessary; we just need to ensure it is change for the better and that we help decide on it rather than it being decided for us.

We have a lot to offer and I’m really looking forward to being part of making it happen.

This one’s for you

I want to dedicate this article to someone who reads Farmers Weekly and the Farmer Focus articles without fail every week and always tells me what other people have written before I’ve read them myself.

Someone who is one of my biggest supporters and always wants to know what is happening on the farm, what crops I’m growing (more importantly for the field next to her house) and how I think about what to write for these articles.

Someone who hit 90 just before Christmas but is now struggling a bit with ill health, so this article is for you, granny; it was easy to think of what to write for some of it this month – and I’ve finally decided that it will be spring wheat next to your house this year.

Matt Redman farms 370ha just north of Cambridge and operates a contracting business specialising in spraying and direct drilling. He also grows cereals on a small area of tenancy land and was Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year in 2014. Read more from Matt Redman.

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