Farmer Focus: Serious storage fire hasn’t hampered harvest

Harvest has been proceeding at a pace. Yields look reasonably promising, although there are still too many heaps around the place to have final measured totals yet.

We have a variety of grain storage facilities around the different farms, all on floor and of various ages.

A collection of mobile dryers perform sterling service in keeping the crop flowing away.

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It does, however, mean that we need to re-handle quite a lot of crop as we proceed through the harvest period.

The occasional wet period can be helpful in allowing us to catch up, although the converse would suggest that no wet periods would mean that drying wasn’t required!

Central storage

I also have access to a significant tonnage in Kernow Grain, our local central store.

I have always been a great advocate of central storage, believing it to be the way forward in certain circumstances.

It is the ideal solution for off-lying blocks of land, short-term farming agreements, smaller farm situations and where it just doesn’t make sense to invest in modern grain storage.

The ability to move grain straight away at harvest is a massive help in situations like ours, where we have complex logistical problems to solve at a busy time of the year.

Some may consider it to be an expensive option, but it really depends on how you manage value within your own business.

If it’s combined with good marketing opportunities, then there is another major plus point.

Serious fire

The team at Kernow deserves huge credit this year as the store suffered a serious fire in the control room at the start of harvest.

However, thanks to some superb commitment, they have managed to get the store up and running again quickly while ensuring that anyone who needed to move grain was able to do so.

We are now getting to the point where potato and onion harvesting become the major focus.

Yield digs are suggesting considerably better crops than those of last season.

My feeling at this stage is for no records and no disasters, just a good steady average year. What that all means in financial terms remains to be seen.