Farming flat out near Kelso

Stuart Fuller-Shapcott is busy combining the last of his winter wheat at Sweethope, Kelso, with no rest in sight.

“We started combining early in July with the good weather and we’re well underway with everything,” he said.

With the winter barley and oilseed rape harvest a distant memory, Mr Fuller-Shapcott was now getting into the last of the winter wheat.

“There’s about 80ha left to cut and it’s fair to say it’s been an above average year,” he said. “Of the varieties that we’ve cut, Viscount has been the favourite – it’s been doing very well.”

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Although Mr Fuller-Shapcott had finished drilling oilseed rape, there were still a number of farmers putting it in the ground around the area.

“There’s a lot going in around us and it’s ongoing,” he said. “We’ve already got in with the pre-emergence spray and everything’s going well so far.”

And while many farmers had finished combining, there was high level of activity lifting potatoes.

“It’s busy, busy, busy everywhere you look,” he said. “We won’t be taking any breaks for a while, but at least we can say that although it’s not been a record year, it’s not been a bad one either.”

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