Finishing beans near Bungay

John Barrett is combining the last field of spring beans at Hill House Farm, Bungay, Suffolk and is very happy with a good year of yields.

The 93ha of Fuego spring beans yielded an average of 3.7t/ha, with the best of the crop on the heavy land.

“The yields were lower on a block of poorly drained land, but we’re getting the land drainers in next week which should make a significant difference for next year,” he said.

“However, the sample was very good and there wasn’t any damage at all.”

The first winter wheat reached exceptional yields for the farm, at over 10t/ha, and came off at less than 15% moisture, with Santiago the most pleasing.

Second wheat was more of a disappointment, with low yields due to blackgrass.

“We couldn’t get to the crop with an autumn herbicide, which really affected performance,” said Mr Barrett.

Charmay spring barley yielded 6.8t/ha at 13.3% moisture, and tested at 1.85% nitrogen.

“From such a late start it’s amazing to be finishing so soon,” he said. “It’s a completely different year from 2012, and the weather’s made a huge difference to costs, as we’ve put hardly anything through the drier.

“We’ve drilled 90% of next year’s oilseed rape and will finish within the next couple of days,” he added.

“However, we’ve been let down by the biosolid spreaders, which is a bit galling when they’re looking to double the price of sludge for next year.”

Crop: Spring Beans
Varieties: Fuego
Area: 93ha
Yield: 3.7t/ha

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Santiago
Area: 243ha
Yield: >10t/ha

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Charmay
Area: 43ha
Yield: 6.8t/ha

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