Finishing up in Co.Down

Allan Chambers is combining the last 4ha (10 acres) of winter wheat at Tullynaskeagh Farm, Downpatrick, Co. Down, today (20 September).

“We still have 40ha (100 acres) of valuable straw lying not baled, but it hasn’t been tossed about the place. Hopefully we will get it by the weekend, and it should be fine.”

Alchemy wheat yields started exceptionally well, at 12t/ha (4.85t/acre), before dropping to 7.4t/ha (3t/acre) in a rook-damaged field.

However, the last field was back up to 10t/ha (4t/acre) today. “It’s been an exceptional harvest,” said Mr Chambers.

“Across winter barley, spring barley and winter wheat we’ve had our lowest average moisture content ever, at 16%. Usually anything below 20% is a major bonus around here.”

Quench spring barley produced 8.5t/ha (3.45t/acre). “We use a lot of broiler litter for spring sown crops, which is boosting fertility all round.”

Volume winter barley averaged 9.5t/ha (3.85t/acre), with Suzuka at 8.5t/ha (3.45t/acre). “It’s all going into Volume for next year,” he said.

Straw yields had also been excellent, topping 7.4t/ha (3t/acre) in the best fields after potatoes. “I just couldn’t believe it – it was the biggest crop of straw we’ve ever had.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Variety: Alchemy
Yield: 7.4-12t/ha (3-4.85t/acre)

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Quench
Yield: 8.5t/ha (3.45t/acre)

Crop: Winter barley
Varieties: Volume and Suzuka
Yield: 8.5-9.5t/ha (3.45-3.85t/acre)

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