First Scottish wheat RL yields look strong

The first results from Recommended List trial plots in Scotland show a good yield of 11.1t/ha, but untreated plots once again highlighted the impact of failing to control yellow rust with susceptable varieties.

Even with the strong Scottish results, the overall 2011 trial average is still 7% below the five-year average. Barn-filling varieties Conqueror (111%), KWS Santiago (110%) and Oakley (109%) topped the yields for the Group 4 wheats. But the untreated yields show a different story, with Oakley achieving the lowest yield at 77%.

HGCA Recommended List manager Simon Oxley puts this down to its susceptibility to yellow rust to which “the variety falls below the minimum standard.” In contrast, fellow Group 4 variety Stigg topped the scales for untreated yield, performing particularly well at the Teeside site.

“However, changes are likely to be made in its brown rust resistance score, following the discovery of new races which can attack the variety. This will be of greatest concern in the East, but more manageable in the North and West where its Septoria tritici resistance will make it a lower-input variety as far as fungicides are concerned.”

Of the candidates, KWS Solo has performed well on yield at 108% and also has a reasonable untreated yield.

Moving to spring barley, Dr Oxley points out that early indications suggest yields will be similar to the five-year average. Concerto is down on its five-year average at 102%, but has performed well at the Yorkshire and Scottish sites.

“Varieties put on the HGCA Recommended List last year – Panther, Moonshine and Shuffle – have performed to the five-year average. Candidate varieties Overture and Odyssey have performed well so far.

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Farmers Weekly’s Yield Watch

Group 3 variety Invicta is now at the top of the Yield Watch league table with an average of 10.39t/ha, followed by Claire at 9.88t/ha for varieties with over 400ha submitted. The overall UK average now stands at 8.9t from an area of more than 15,000ha. Enter you own results and have the chance to win a Robydome digital grain temperature monitor and four probes worth £300. 

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