Food agency accused of censoring GM documents

THE Food Standards Agency has been accused of censoring documents relating to a banned GM maize illegally imported into the country, the Independent on Sunday reports.

According to the paper, the FSA had erased large sections of a document concerning Bt10 maize, at least a thousand tons of which have been illegally exported from the US to Europe over the past four years.

The maize contained a gene conferring resistance to antibiotics that could potentially cause problems of resistance in people.

Yet the FSA did not attempt to track down the banned maize in Britain when the story about the illegal imports broke, saying it was not aware of the crop’s presence.

It only took action to stop the imports when told to do so by the European Commission, according to the Independent on Sunday.

The censored documents were released under the Freedom of Information Act after weeks of pressure from GM Free Cymru.

Dr Brian John of the Welsh environmental group, who has lodged a formal complaint with the agency, said: “After endless procrastination, we have at last been sent a bunch of documents relating to the scandal, only to find that they have been heavily censored in a manner that would have done credit to Stalinist Russia.”


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