Forecast rain fails to dampen Kent harvest

Jonathan Tipples has finished harvesting 60ha (150 acres) of Expert oilseed rape at Reed Court farm, Marden, Kent earlier than expected.

The hot dry weather has meant that things are ahead of schedule and the forecasted rain will not put a dampener on the harvest.

“It has been very hot and harvest has started very early for us. If we stopped for rain we wouldn’t worry”.

Yield was as expected with 3.8t/ha, similar to last year and moisture content between 9% to unreadable.

With winter wheat starting to be cut, this is also looking to having a low moisture content of around 11.5%.

• Crop: Oilseed Rape
• Variety: Expert
• Area: 60ha (150 acres)
• Yield: 3.8t/ha
• Quality: low moisture, less than 9%

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