Further concerns over German wheat quality

German farmers still have 20% of their wheat crop to harvest, with rain delays raising further concerns about quality downgrades.

Those in the key exporting regions of Northern Germany had been worst affected, with about 60% of the crop still to cut.

“Last week the German Farm Co-operative Association decreased its grain production forecast by 900,000t to 40.3m tonnes (compared to 44.2m tonnes 2010) due to wet weather damaging crops already weakened by dry weather in May and June,” said a report by HGCA.

“Rapeseed output is seen down 29.6% on last year at 4m tonnes.”

As the French wheat harvest neared completion, Arvalis reported that protein levels had generally exceeded 11% and specific weights were good, it added.

“Ukraine harvested 23.1m tonnes of wheat by 18 August, off 99.6% of the planted area.”

Average yield was 3.47t/ha (1.4t/acre) – 22% higher than last year.

“The Farm Ministry said 70% is expected to be milling wheat quality but local analysts suggest this number could be lower.”

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