Gas gun is sophisticated and green

Gas-gun bird scarers are getting more sophisticated – and green.

The latest Vari Scary model from Ely, Cambridgeshire firm Techneat can infinitely vary both the number of salvos it fires and the number of bangs per salvo. Changing the frequency of salvos during the course of the day is a better deterrent to pigeons and rooks than a fixed pattern, says the company.

It uses a Robydome electronic programmer that allows different combinations of bangs and salvos in each 30-minute time segment. The system is said to overcome the limitations of light-sensitive units that can trigger firing too early in the morning or cut off in dull weather. A continuous-spark ignition system gives good firing reliability throughout the season.

The Vari Scary is made in the UK of robust plastic derived mainly from material recycled from British farms. Techneat says it will not rust or corrode and is lighter than other plastic gas guns, so it can easily be transported to pest hot-spots.

An integrated leg-stand gives good stability and ensures maximum coverage in taller crops, including keeping bird pests off barley and peas at harvest. The Vari Scary can also be used in combination with the firm’s Eye-Scare to provide a range of audible and visual deterrents to pests.

It costs from £295, with the first units on show at LAMMA on 21 and 22 January.


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