Glenside sets crop challenge for Cereals visitors

Visitors to next week’s Cereals event are being challenged to tell which half of each plot on the Glenside Group’s stand has received full rate fertiliser – and which has received 33% less.

Each plot has been split in half, with one half receiving normal level of inputs and the other treated according to the results of one of Glenside’s Albrecht soil surveys and the company’s Biosense (R) protocols.

The most significant difference in the side treated according to Glenside’s protocols is the fact they they have received 33% less fertiliser, a huge cost saving with nitrogen prices over £300/t.

Visitors to the stand in the first week of June found it was a difficult decision, Glenside’s Ian Robertson noted. “There is very little difference between the height or colour of the crops, although the Glenside treated oilseed rape seems to have held on to its flowers a little longer, which raises the question of whether the Glenside treatments helped improve nitrogen usage efficiency,” he says.

The Albrecht (R) Soil Survey completed on the Glenside plots showed that the soil had high pH, which was being held up by high calcium levels that had a detrimental effect on the other cations, and a low level of essential trace elements, he added. “As a result we applied a range of biostimulants which helped overcome these problems, and gave the crop the best possible chance to reach its full yield potential.

“On these and other trial plots we have noticed that crops treated according to Glenside protocols have ‘greened up’ after the recent rain, suggesting that they may be benefitting from improved nitrogen uptake.

“This may be due to the better establishment and rooting achieved last autumn, thanks to the Albrecht (R) Soil Survey identifying imbalances in the soil and enabling them to be resolved, thus enabling the crop to fully access all nutrients available to it”.

Cereals 2011 exhibitor information as supplied by Glenside.


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