Glenside soil survey can help cut nitrogen use

New season prices of more than £320/t for ammonium nitrate are forcing growers to look at ways to improve their efficiency in a bid to control rising costs.

However, Glenside‘s Albrecht Soil Survey can help you cut down on your nitrogen use by telling you about the make-up of your soil, what it should be and how to put it right, including trace elements, said Glenside’s Ian Robertson.

The survey measures the status of a wide range of major and minor nutrients. Imbalances can lock up essential nutrients and result in growers spending more on unnecessary applications, said Mr Robertson.

In addition to chemical parameters, the results enable advisers to make a detailed assessment of the soil’s physical and biological status and their contribution to its productive capacity.

“The system allows you to improve the nitrogen use efficiency,” said Mr Robertson. “For every 10kg of nitrogen you put on, the crop is getting about 6-7kg, but this year it has been a lot less because it has been so dry.

“With our system, you will likely get 8-9kg, which enables you to either reduce the amount of nitrogen you apply, or potentially maintain nitrogen and increase your yields.”

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