GMs could play role in food security says Benn

Genetically modified food could help the UK secure its food supply in the coming decades, according to DEFRA secretary Hilary Benn.

During an interview with the BBC Mr Benn said that it was important to investigate new techniques that would enable the UK to achieve its target of a sustainable food supply.

“If GM can make a contribution then we have a choice as a society and as a world about whether to make use of that technology, and an increasing number of countries are growing GM products,” Mr Benn told Radio Four.

“And the truth is we will need to think about the way in which we produce our food, the way in which we use water and fertiliser, we will need science, we will need more people to come into farming because it has a bright future.

“Because one thing is certain – with a growing population, the world is going to need a lot of farmers and a lot of agricultural production in the years ahead,” he said.

Mr Benn was commenting as he launched a government report which includes:

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