Good results for potatoes so far

“The ones we‘ve lifted so far have been good but there are some variable potatoes to come. Some just haven‘t made the size.”

Mr Beevor sells 3500 tonnes of potatoes for pre-pack while another 500 tonnes are sold to local chip shops.

There have also been some problems with rotting but it has been on a very small scale and Mr Beevor is not too concerned.

“It‘s been a very funny year. In May our irrigators just managed to keep up with the dry spell and then we got 7 inches of rain in August. It‘s been just too wet in some places.”

The wheat was finished last Tuesday (Sep 7) with reasonable results.

His combine got stuck four or five times leaving 15 inch deep and 30 inch wide wheel ruts in the field.

Mr Beevor has decided to leave the cultivation work to later in the year or even next spring in order to give the fields a chance to dry out.

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