Grain 09: Storage questions answered

When it comes to grain storage and drying advice, it’s always a good idea to look around and find out exactly what best suits your system before signing on the dotted line for a new setup.

And a new grain storage and drying clinic at this year’s UK Grain event will give farmers a chance to get one-to-one advice.

It will be manned by independent machinery consultant Bill Basford, the Farm Electric Centre’s Andrew Kneeshaw and independent agricultural engineer Will Cragg.

Here are some examples of the queries they’re expecting to field:

  • My grain drier is old and working at its absolute limit – is there scope to increase its capacity or should I consider replacing it?
  • I need to boost capacity – should I go for a mobile or fixed drier?
  • What are the pros and cons of switching from diesel to kerosene?
  • I’m thinking about installing grain stirrers – what sort should I choose?

Even if you don’t manage to make it to the UK Grain event, there’s still a chance to put your questions to our three grain storage experts.

From now until 6 November, there is a Direct Talk facility on this website where you can post your question on a special Direct Talk forum.

It will be monitored regularly by our three-man panel and they’ll do their best to give you a helpful answer. You can put your own question or see other farmers’ questions and the answers they were given.