Ground conditions suffer in Scotland

Farmers in Aberdeenshire still have about 15% of their spring barley left to cut, but are very pleased with yields and quality, according to Gordon Booth at Aberdeen Grain.

“Most of it is Concerto and it’s held up well to the weather, although it has lodged in places – so fingers crossed the final tranche will be okay,” he said.

“Conditions underfoot are another concern now – it’s been wet since last Thursday (4 September) and it’s overcast this week – it feels like the beginning of October not September.”

Further north, farmers in Morayshire had had it even worse, said Mr Booth. “They’ve been very unlucky all harvest; it’s been very hard up there.”

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Wheat yields had been on the light side on lighter ground, but were generally reasonable. “Quality seems okay – but there’s a lot of straw left to bale.

“If the weather improved harvest in Aberdeenshire could be almost finished by the end of the week; it just seems to have been dragging on forever.”

In Angus, farmers had finished cutting spring barley and had around 10% of their wheat left to get in, he added.

“Wheat yields have been average, and quality good. Winter oats were good quality and yielded well, and spring barley was also nice quality to start with – although there have been one or two issues with skinning towards the end.

“Farmers are just waiting for some fine weather to get the spring oats in.”

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